1971 Ultima Thule Single Ohr OS 57.006
1974 Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares (Promo) Single Virgin PR-214
1975 Excerpt From Ricochet  (Promo) Single Virgin K6245
Excerpt From Rubycon (Promo) Single Virgin K 5947
1977 Stratosfear Single Virgin 17633 AT
Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme) Single MCA 6030513
Encore Single Virgin VS 199
Monolight (Promo) Single Virgin ZSB 9516
1978 Rising Runner Missed By Endless Sender Single Virgin 0087
1979 Excerpts from Force Majeure (Promo) Single Virgin S 100495
1980 Excerpts From Tangram (Promo) Single Virgin 696014
Beach Scene (Promo) Single Virgin SAM 1034
1981 Choronzon Single Virgin VS 444
Dr. Destructo  (Promo) Single Elektra AS 11-499
Das Mädchen auf der Treppe
Single Virgin 104405-100
MaxiSingle Virgin 600651-213
1983 Cinnamon Road (Promo) Single Virgin 106018
Daydream Single Virgin 105271-100
1984 Warsaw in the Sun

Single Jive Elektro 6.14254 AC
MaxiSinlge Jive Elektro 6.20382 AE

Love On A Real Train (Promo) Single Virgin SA 1002
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1988 Dancing On A White Moon Single Edelton EDL 25070
Optical Race CDSingle Private Music 662083
Cat Scan (Promo) CDSingle Private Music 2042-2-PP2
Marakesh (Promo) CDSingle Private Music 2042-2-PP
Alexander Square
Single BMG/Hansa 112892
MaxiSingle BMG/Hansa 662892
1991 I Just Want to Rule My Own Life Without You (Chi Coltrane) CDSingle Polydor 879 880-7
1992 Rockoon special edition CDSingle Miramar MPCD 2803
Big City Dwarves Single Virgin 114981
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1994 Turn of the Tides CD 5 CDSingle Miramar MPCD 2807
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1995 Tyranny Of Beauty  (Promo) CDSingle Miramar 206-284-4700
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Towards The Evening Star (The Orb) CDSingle When Records WENX 1022
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2003 Astoria Theatre London - Limited Edition CDSingle TDP Ltd001
DM4 Bonus CD CDSingle TDI
2005 Space Flight Orange (Shepherds Bush Empire Limited Edition) CDSingle TDI
2006 40 Years Roadmap To Music CDSingle e@stgate
Metaphor CDSingle e@stgate
2007 Sleeping Watches Snoring In Silence CDSingle e@stgate
Bells Of Accra CDSingle e@stgate
One Night In Space CDSingle e@stgate
One Times One CDEP e@stgate
2008 Purple Diluvial CDEP e@stgate
Das romantische Opfer CDEP e@stgate
Tangerine Dream Plays Edgar Froese CDEP Groove Records GR-153
Fallen Angels CDEP e@stgate
Choice CDEP e@stgate
2009 Flame CDEP e@stgate
A Cage In Search Of A Bird CDEP e@stgate
2009 Zeitgeist (European Tour 2010) CDEP e@stgate
2011 The Gate Of Saturn CDEP e@stgate