Soloprojekte von Christopher Franke
1991 Pacific Coast Highway CD Virgin CDV2661
Mc Bain (Promo) CD Sonic Images SICD5011
1992 The London Concert CD Varese Sarabande VSD-5399
Universal Soldiers CD Varese Sarabande VSD-5373
1993 New Music For Films Vol. 1 CD Varese Sarabande VSD-5393
Klemania CD Sonic Images SICD8110
1994 Raven CD Sonic Images SICD8112
Enchanting Nature CD Earthtone ET7401-2
1995 Babylon 5 Vol. 1 CD Sonic Images SI8502-2
1996 Bridge To Eternety Shape-CDSingle Sema 37 392-414
Perry Rhodan - Pax Terra CD Sema 37 362-423
Tenchi Muyo ... in love CD Pioneer PICD-1001A
The Celestine Prophecy CD Priority P2 50571
1997 Pacific Blue CD Sonic Images SID-8700
Transformation Of Mind CD Earthtone ETD 7704-2
Babylon 5 - Vol. 2 - Message From Earth CD Sema 37 533-423
1998 Babylon 5 - In The Beginning CD Sonic Images SID-8812
  ShapeCD’s mit Musik einzelner Babylon 5 Folgen  
1998 Severed Dreams SID-0310
A Late Delivery From Avalon SID-0312
Walkabout SID-0318
Shadow Dancing SID-0321
Z'Ha'Dum SID-0322
Fall Of Night SID-0222
Interludes And Examinations SID-0315
Into The Fire SID-0406
No Surrender, No Retreat SID-0415
Face Of The Enemy SID-0417
The Ragged Edge SID-0513
Chrysalis SID-0112
The Coming Of Shadows SID-0209
Whatever Happened To Mr. Garibaldi SID-0402
The Long Night SID-0405
Lines Of Communications SID-0411
War Without End Part 1 SID-0316
War Without End Part 2 SID-0317
Endgame SID-0420
And The Rock Cries Out, No Hiding Place SID-0320
Objects At Rest SID-
Falling Towards Apothyosis SID-
1999 Babylon 5 - Thirdspace CD Sonic Images SID-8900
Babylon 5 - The River Of Souls CD Sonic Images SID-8907
Epic – Best Of CD Earthtone ETD-7907
2000 New Music For Films Vol. 2 CD Sonic Images 828-274-906-2