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   V/A: "Secret And Mystery II"  

   V/A: "Lucidity - Music For Lucid Dreaming And Inner Healing"  

   V/A: "Secret And Mystery"  

   V/A: "Dream Music For Coffeeshops"  

   V/A: "Dreamy Music To Relax"  

   V / A: "Lockdown Sessions"  

   V / A: "A Tribute To The Multicoloured Shades"  

   V / A: "Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County"  

   V / A: "Satzvey Castle 2004"

   V / A: "Satzvey Castle 2005"

   Vai, Steve: "Modern Primitive / Passion And Warfare 25th Anniversary-Edition"   

   Valley Forge: "Parking Lot At San Diego International Airport"

   Vamadeva: "The Call Of Wisdom"  

  Vanadine: "Liar"  

   van Bogaert, Frank with Erik Wollo: "Air Machine"

   van Bogaert, Frank: "Nomads"

   van Bogaert, Frank: "One Out Of Five"

   van Bogaert, Frank: "Closer"

   Van der Graaf Generator: "Trisector"  

   van der Heijden, Eric: "Dal Segno"

   van der Wouden, René: "Tangerine Sands"  

   van der Wouden, René: "A Night At The Manor"  

   van der Wouden, René: "Astromen"  

   van der Wouden, René: "Return To The Stargaze"  

   van der Wouden, René: "Cinnamon Horizons"  

   van der Wouden, René: "Sounds Of Silence"  

   van der Wouden, René: "Musique Concrete EP + Pictures Of An Indian Summer"  

  van der Wouden, René: "Stargazer"  

   van der Wouden, René: "BauRauM"  

   van der Wouden, Réne: "Soledad And Other Dreams"

   van der Wouden, Réne: "Zeppelins! There They Go"

   van der Wouden, René: "Panorama"

   van der Wouden, René: "Fixus Naturalis"

   van der Wouden, René: "Numerus Fixus"  

   van der Wouden, Rene: "Universal Quiet"  

   Vanderson featuring Lambert: "Sequenced Thoughts"  

   Vanderson: "Beyond Time Structure"  

   Vanderson: "Vandisphere"  

   Vanderson: "Another Day In Future"  

   Vandroya: "Beyond The Human Mind"  

   Vanelli, Gino & The Metropole Orchestra: "The North Sea Jazz Festival 2002"

   Vanish: "The Insanity Abstract"  

   Vantomme: "Vegir feat. Tony Levin"  

   Van Wolfen: "Vom Feinsten - Remixed & Remastered"  

   Various Artists: "Soundtrack - Stranger Things Season 3"  

   Various Artists: "The Dutch Woodstock"  

   Various Artists: "Get Up! Stand Up!"  

   Vaselyne: "The Fire Within"  

   Vasko Atanasovski Adrabesa Quartet: "Phoenix"  

   Velvet Insane: "High Heeled Monster"  

   Vendemmian: "One In A Million"

   Venja: "Shapeshifter"  

   Venja: "Mode Zen"  

   Verheyen, Carl: "Mustang Run"  

   Vero: "Wolken Zucker Himmel"  

   Via Obscura: "Gedanken"  

   Via Obscura: "Traum"

   Vibravoid: "Gravity Zero"  

   Vibravoid: "Minddrugs"

   Vicious Rumor: "Razorback Killers"

   Victorians - Aristrocrats' Symphony: "Revival"  

   Victorious Sons: "Outburst"  

   Vincent, Paul: "Herzlichen Glückwunsch!"  

   Vincent, Paul: "Vincent's fliegender Rock 'n' Roll Zirkus"  

   Violent Jasper: "Control"  

   Violet District: "Terminal Breath"

   Violet Hour, The: "The Fire Sermon"

   Violette Sounds: "Infinity"  

   Violette Sounds: "Feelin' Inside"  

   Visible Breath: "Tropospheric"

   Vision Divine: "Destination Set To Nowhere"  

   Visitor 2035: "Visitor 2035"  

   Vital Might, The: "Red Planet"

   Vlad In Tears: "Dead Stories Of Forsaken Lovers"  

   Vlad In Tears: "Welcome To Vladyland"

   VLYES: "Why"  

  Vockrodt, Andreas: "Adventures From Foggyland"  

   Voice In The Attic: "After Songdown"  

   Void: "Avoidance"  

   Void Inn: "End This Game"  

   Voigthaus, Tilo: "One Earth - One Mankind"  

   Voigthaus, Tilo: "Private Investigations"  

     Voispectra: "Reflections Part one + Part 2wo"  

   Volpert, Jochen: "Eight"  

   Volpert, Jochen: "Seven"  

   Volpert, Jochen: "Six"  

   VoLt: "Particles"  

   VoLt: "Circuits"  

   VoLt: "HjVi"  

   VoLt: "Nucleosynthesis"

   VoLt: "Through The Rings"

  Voltage, Vince: "Hard Rock Survivor"  

   von Schwerin, Kati: "Remedy"  

   Vonne, Patricia: "Rattle My Cage"  

   Voodoma: "Bridges To Disturbia"  

   Voodoo Boogie: "This Ol' Storm"

  Voyager: "V"  

   VOYAGER X: "Magic"