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   Sacrum: "Cognition"  

   Safkan: "Same" 

   Saga: "The Human Condition"

   Saga: "10.000 Days"

   Saga: "Chapters Live"

   Saga: "Network"

   Saints Of Ruin: "Elevatis Velum"   

   Sameti: "Hungry For Love"

   Sampler: "Son Of Kraut"  

   Sampler: "The Spirit Of Sireena Vol. 8"  

   Sampler: "Virgin - 40 Years Of Distributions"   

   Sampler: "LiveKraut"   

   Sampler: "The Spirit Of Sireena Vol. 7"   

   Sampler: "After Midnight"  

   Sampler: "Psychedelic World Music - Discovery"  

   Sampler: "New Rides Of The Furious Swampriders"  

   Sampler: "Rock Attack Vol. 1"  

   Sampler: "Deep Roots Of The Ramones"  

   Sampler: "The Spirit Of Sireena Vol. 6"  

   Sampler: "Tripwave"

   Sampler: "Prog Rocks!"

   Sampler: "E-Day 2011"

   Sampler: "Dutch Masters"

   Sampler: "Electronic Music For Life"

   Sampler: "Jazzkraut"

   Sampler: "The Spirit Of Sireena Vol. 5"

   Sampler: "E-Live 2010"

   Sampler: "HanNOver Fun FUN Fun"

   Sampler: "E-Day 2010"

   Sampler: "Summer Of The 60's"

   Sampler: "Walking With Angels"

   Sampler: "Beyond Paradise"

   Sampler: "Global Surveyor - Phase 3"  

   Sampler: "The Spirit Of Sireena Vol. 4"  

   Sampler: "10T Undercover"

   Sampler: "The Best Of Crest Records - Rockin' & Rollin'"

   Sampler: "Krautrock - Music For Your Brain Vol. 3"

   Sampler: "Trip In Time Vol. 3 - Psychedelic Adventures On Planet Earth"

   Sampler: "The Spirit Of Sireena Vol. 3"  

   Sampler: "Dancing, Food & Entertainment"  

   Sampler: "50 Jahre Planetenmodell Hagen"

   Sampler: "DIN30 Index03"

   Sampler: "Hit oder Niete? Die NO FUN Singles"

   Sampler: "Latino Babel - One Blood"

   Sampler: "Dreams Of My Space Vol. 1"  

   Sampler: "Analogy Vol. 3"

   Sampler: "45 Years Of Perry Rhodan"

   Sampler: "Krautrock - Music For Your Brain"

   Sampler: "The Collective Vol. 2"

   Sampler: "Colour & Music"

   Sampler: "Café de Luna - Chill Out In Paradise"

   Sampler: "Schrittmacher Tasty Tracks Vol. 1"

   Sampler: "Syntonic Waves Vol. 9"

   Sampler: "Shiva Beach Bar"

   Sampler: "Café de Luna 3"

   Sampler: "Diani Beach Lounge"

   Sampler: "Honoring"

   Sampler: "Analogy Vol. 1"

   Samsara Blues Experiment: "Long Distance Trip"

   Sanguine Hum: "The Weight Of The World"   

   Sankt Otten: "Sequencer Liebe"  

   Sankt Otten: "Wunden gibt es immer wieder"

   Santana: "Supernatural - 10th Anniversary"  

   Santana: "3 Original Album Classics"  

   Satriani, Joe: "Original Album Classics"   

   Savoldelli, Boris: "Biocosmopolitan"

   Saxon: "St. George's Day - Sacrifice - Live In Manchaster"  

   Sayer: "1st Encounter"

   Schandmaul: "So weit, So gut"   

   Schandmaul: "Traumtänzer"

   Schaper, Engel, McGrogan: "One Or Zero - The Lost Album"  

   Schiller: "Sonne"  

   Schiller: "Atemlos Live"

   Schiller: "Atemlos"  

   Schiller: "Sehnsucht live"  

   Schiller: "You"  

   Schiller: "Sehnsucht"  

   Schiller: "Tag und Nacht"

   Schiller: "Live ErLeben"

   Schiller: "Plus" (Box mit DVD und 2 CDs)

   Schizofrantik: "The Knight And The Shark"   

   Schizofrantik: "Oddities"

   Schmidtchen, Detlev: "Blaze The Trail"

   Schmoelling, Johannes: "Time And Tide"  

   Schnur, Bernhard: "Yol"  

   Schoener, Eberhard: "Flashback"

   Schoener, Eberhard: "Trans-Formation"

   Schoener, Eberhard: "Bali-Agung"

   Schönwälder & Rothe: "Filter-Kaffee 101"

   Schönwälder, Mario: "Hypnotic Beats"

   Scholl, Bernd & Rüdiger Gleisberg: "Island Peak"  

   Scholl, Bernd: "Dawn To Dusk - Live At The Planetarium"  

   Scholl, Bernd & Rüdiger Gleisberg: "The Sacred Path"

   Scholl, Bernd: "Road To The Stars"  

   Scholl, Bernd: "Circle Of Trees"

  Schroeder, Robert: "Flavour Of The Past"  

  Schroeder, Robert: "BackSpace"  

  Schroeder, Robert: "Club Chill No. 2"  

   Schroeder, Robert: "Paradise Edition 2014"  

   Schroeder, Robert: "Slow Motion"   

   Schroeder, Robert: "Ferro Oxid"  

   Schroeder, Robert: "nEW fREQUENCIES Vol. 2"  

   Schroeder, Robert: "DM.O Vol. 3"  

   Schroeder, Robert: "Esthétique"

   Schroeder, Robert: "Bochum Live 2011"

   Schroeder, Robert: "Club Chill Vol. 1"

   Schroeder, Robert: "Cygnus-A"

   Schroeder, Robert: "Cream"

   Schroeder, Robert: "nEW fREQUENCIES Vol. 1"  

   Schroeder, Robert: "30 Years After"

   Schroeder, Robert: "Taste It"  

   Schroeder, Robert : "D.MO Vol. 2"  

   Schroeder, Robert: "Brainchips"

   Schroeder, Robert: "SphereWare"

   Schroyder, Steve & Alien Voices: "Qigong Dancing"  

   Schulze, Klaus: "La Vie Electronique Vol. 16"  

   Schulze, Klaus & Lisa Gerrard: "Big In Europe Vol. 1"  

   Schulze, Klaus: "La Vie Electronique Vol. 13"   

   Schulze, Klaus: "La Vie Electronique 12"  

   Schulze, Klaus: "La Vie Electronique Vol. 11"  

   Schulze, Klaus feat. Steve Jollife: "Richard Wahnfried's Miditation"  

   Schulze, Klaus: "Wahnfried's Tonwelle"  

   Schulze, Klaus: "La Vie Electronique Vol. 10"

   Schulze, Klaus: "La Vie Electronique Vol. 9"

   Schulze, Klaus: "Big In Japan"

   Schulze, Klaus: "La Vie Electronique Vol. 8"

   Schulze, Klaus: "La Vie Electronique Vol. 7"

   Schulze, Klaus: "La Vie Electronique Vol. 6"

   Schulze, Klaus: "La Vie Electronique Vol. 5"

   Schulze, Klaus: "La Vie Electronique Vol. 4"

   Schulze, Klaus: "La Vie Electronique Vol. 3"

   Schulze, Klaus feat. Lisa Gerrard: "Dziekuje Bardzo - Vielen Dank"

   Schulze, Klaus: "La Vie Electronique 2"  

   Schulze, Klaus: "La Vie Electronique 1"  

   Schulze, Klaus & Lisa Gerrard: "Farscape"  

   Schulze, Klaus: "Moonlake"

            Schulze, Klaus: "Mirage, X, Dreams, Le Moulin dé Daudet"

            Schulze, Klaus: "Picture Music, Dig It, En=Trance, In Blue"

            Schulze, Klaus: "Body Love, Dune, Audentity, Miditerranean Pads"

            Schulze, Klaus: "Moondawn, Angst, Das Wagner Desaster Live, Vanity Of Sounds"

            Schulze, Klaus: "Cyborg, Interface, Dosburg Online, Ballett 1"

   Scorpions: "Sting In The Tail"  

   Scorpions: "3 Original Album Classics"  

   Sears, Andy: "Souvenir"

   Seasons Of Time: "Closed Doors To Open Plains"  

   Sea Vine: "Sea Vine"   

   Séché, Tom: "Step By Step"

   Secret Green: "To Wake The King"

   Seifert & Steinbüchel: "Softlock"  

   Seifert, Erik: "Core"

   Seifert, Erik: "Astronomical Unit"  

   Seifert, Erik: "AOTEAROA"

   Seifert, Erik: "Thrust Avis"

   Sendelica: "The Satori In Elegance Of The Majestic Stonegazer"  

   Sendelica: "The Pavillon Of Magic And The Trials Of The Seven Surviving Elohim"

   Sendelica: "Spaceman Bubblegum And Other Weird Tales From The Mercury Mind"

   Serby, David: "Poor Man's Poem"

   Serpentina Satelite: "Mecanica Celeste"

   Serpentina Satelite: "Nothing To Say"  

   Serpents Kiss: "Vampires Eve"  

   Serrie, Jonn: "Spirit Keepers"

   The Setting Son: "Spring Of Hate"

   Seven Steps To The Green Door: "The?Book"

   Seven Thorns: "II"  

   Shaa Khan: "Live 2009!"

   Shaa Khan: "Anything Wrong?"

   Shaa Khan: "The World Will End On Friday"

   Shades Of Dawn: "Graffity's Rainbow"

   Shadowqueen: "Don't Tell"   

   Shajan: "Deep Healing Elements"   

   Shamall: "Turn Off"   

   Shamall: "Is This Human Behavior"

   Shamall: "Questions Of Life"

   Shamall: "Ambiguous Points Of View"

   Shamall: "Influences"

   Shaman's Harvest: "Smokin' Hearts And Broken Guns"  

  Shanks, The: "Surfing The Lexicon"  

   Shaolin Elements, The: "The Shaolin Elements"   

   Shaped Signs: "Nature's Odyssey"

   Sharpville, Todd: "Porchlight" 

   Shatner, William: "Seeking Major Tom"

   SHED: "At The Crossroads"  

   SHED: "& Friends"  

   Shek, Krystian: "Israfil"  

   Shek, Krystian: "War"  

   Sherinian, Derek: "Molecular Heinosity"

   Sherwood, Billy: "The Art Of Survival"  

   Shezoo: "Change"  

   Shipway, Michael: "Voyage To Venus"  

   Shizoey: "Lineaments"

   Shout: "A Good Stuff To Rock 'N' Roll"

   SH.TG.N: "Sh.Tg.N"   

   Sia: "Some People Have Real Problems"  

   Sieges Even: "Paramount"

   Sieges Even: "The Art Of Navigating By The Stars"

   Simeon Soul Charger: "A Trick Of Light"  

   Simeon Soul Charger: "Harmony Square"  

   Simeon Soul Charger: "Meet Me In The Afterlife"

  Simple Minds: "Sparkle In The Rain"  

   Simple Minds: "Celebrate"   

   Simple Minds: "5x5 Live"  

   Simple Minds: "X5"  

   Sin Committee, The: "Confess"

   Sinew: "The Beauty Of Contrast"  

   Six Gallery: "Breakthroughs In Modern Art"  

   Skiba, Matt And The Sekrets: "Babylon"  

   Skintrade: "Refueled"  

   Sky Architect: "A Dying Man's Hymn"

   Sky Cries Mary: "Taking The Stage - Live 1997 - 2005"

   Slivovitz: "Bani Ahead"  

   Smalltown Rockets, The: "Mondopop"

   Smith, Josh: "Over Your Head"  

   Smith, Josh: "Don't Give Up On Me"  

   Smith, Josh: "I'm Gonna Be Ready"

   Smith, Steve And The Tyla Cyndrome: "Pools Of Diversity"   

   Smith, Steve And The Tylas Cyndrome: "Phoenix Rising"

   Snarky Puppy: "GroundUP"  

   Snowball: "Follow The White Line"

   Snowball: "Cold Heat"  

   Snowball: "Defroster"

   Soul Secret: "Closer To Daylight"  

   Soft Bullets: "Hyperreality"   

   Soft Machine: "Drop"

   Solarphase: "Zeitreise"   

   Solitude: "Brave The Storm"  

   Solstice: "Spirit"

   Sophya Baccini's Aradia: "Big Red Dragon"  

   Soul Thief: "Funk City Revolutions"  

   Space Art: "First (New Mastering)"

   Spacecraft: "Earthtime"

   Space Invaders: "Invasion On Planet Z"   

   Sparklands: "Tomocyclus"   

   Spellbound Dazzle: "Unreal Fairy Tales"

   Spin Gallery: "Standing Tall"

   Spliff: "Kult" 

   Splinter, René: "Frames"  

   Splinter, René: "Modern Ruins"   

   Splinter, René: "Singularities"  

   Splinter, Réne: "Almery"

   Splinter, René: "Transit Realities"  

   Spock's Beard: "Snow"

   Spock's Beard: "Gluttons For Punishment - Live"

   Springsteen, Bruce: "The Collection - 1973 - 84"

   Spyce: "X-Plorer"

   Spyra / Lang: "SeQuest"

  Spyra: "Staub"  

   Spyra: "January In June"

   Spyra: "Gasoline 91 Octane"  

   Spyra: "Meditationen"

   Spyra: "Orphan Waves"

   Spyra & Lang: "Achtundsechzig 24"

   Spyra: "Excerpts Vol. 1"

   Spyra: "Sferics"

   Squackett: "A Life Within A Day"  

   Squire's, Chris: "Swiss Choir"

  Stan Dart: "Orbital Flight"  

      Stan Dart: "The Neon City Chronicles" und "Pictures At An Exhibition"  

   Star One: "Victims Of The Modern Age"

   Stealing Axion: "Moments"  

   Stealing The Bride: "Roommates"

   Steeger, Ingrid: "... singt KLIMBIM"

   Stein, Roger: "Lieder ohne mich"   

   Steinwolke: "Die frühen Jahre"  

   Stella Maris: "To The Promised Land"

   Sternentraumreise: "Sternentraumreise"  

   Stewart, Rod: "The Great American Songbook"  

   Stirling, Lindsey: "Lindsey Stirling"   

  Stockman: "Part Of The Industry"  

   Stockman: "Experiment 545"   

   Stop Stop: "Join The Party!"  

   Storm Resistant: "Storm Resistant"   

   Stormzone: "Death Dealer"

   Strange Inside: "Different Colours"

   Strange Inside: "Moments In Passion"

   Stranglers, The: "Original Album Classics"

   Straylight Run: "Prepare To Be Wrong"

   Streetmark: "Sky Racer"  

   Streetmark: "Dry"  

   Subsignal: "Touchstones"

   Subsignal: "Beautiful & Monstrous"

   Subway To Sally: "Nackt II - Die Akustiktour"

   Sula Bassana: "Kosmonauts"

   Sula Bassana: "The Night"

   Sunpath: "Night Dream Call"

   Sunya Beat: "Comin' Soon"  

   Superdrama: "The Promise"  

   Suriya: "Auf Probe"

   Suzen's Garden: "12 Colors"  

   Sweet William: "Brighter Than The Sun"

  Sylvan: "Home"  

   Sylvan: "Sceneries"  

   Sylvan: "Force Of Gravity"

   Sylvan: "Leaving Backstage"

   Sylvan: "Presets"

   Sylvan: "Posthumous Silence"

   Sylvan: "X-Rayed"

   Sylvan: "Artificial Paradise"

   Symphony X: "Paradise Lost"  

   Syn: "Soundwave Traveller"

   Syn: "Skyline"

   Syndromeda: "Circles Of Life"   

   Syndromeda: "Time Will Never Be The Same"   

   Syndromeda: "Mind TRIP"   

   Syndromeda: "Attack!"   

   Synestem: "From Spaceports"   

   Synth.NL: "Apollo"

   Synth.NL: "OceanoGraphy"

   Synth.NL: "AtmoSphere" "Aerodynamics"

   Synthex: "Mirrorland"   

   S.Y.P.H.: "4. LP"